About us

Aquilabs is an innovative laboratory base in Colombia (South America) that discovered a unique method to produce stable hypochlorous acid (s-HOCI), a very effective antimicrobial and disinfectant, which enlarges the life cycle of the molecule and opens a wide range of uses and applications.

Our breakthrough technology platform is the culmination of years of re-engineering hypochlorus acid stabilization chemistry. The result is an antimicrobial and very effective disinfectant wide-spectrum efficacy, stability and remarkable versatility to enhance the quality to increase the quality and purity of skin and wound treatments.

Having a deep understanding of the uses and applications of the s-HOCI, in the early stages of developing products, Aquilabs decided to focus on two categories: antimicrobial wound and skin care and industrial/institutional disinfectant cleaners.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to help people reduce disease risk by preventing and avoiding the spread of infections.

Our mission is to become a global chemical company that enhances people’s lives by bringing new antimicrobial products into different categories and segment markets.


We are not harmful, HOCl is Produced by life

What makes our s-HOCl different?​

Hypochlorous acid is a strong antimicrobial solution with no trace of hazardous materials, it is a highly unstable substance (which limits its shelf life).

Our patented stabilization formula guarantees the stability of the product s-HOCl for more than 12 months from the moment of its manufacture, in addition to providing great coverage ease (due to its low manufacturing costs), broad spectrum, fast action (30 seconds).

Designed to replicate the chemical and biological properties of hypochlorous acid (HOCI) generated by the human body (HOCl – antimicrobial molecules).



Aquilabs offers Hypochlorous acid-based disinfectants and wound care products for both medical and veterinary uses.

Medical Product


Veterinary Product

(Private label)


The stabilization process of the s-HOCl molecule, developed and patented by the Aquilabs team, ensures a longer product life cycle and efficiency.

Infection reduction

S-HOCl can kill a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, which can help prevent infections in wounds and scrapes.

Inflammation reduction

S-HOCl also has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation and pain associated with wounds and scrapes.

Promotion of healing

S-HOCl can stimulate the production of cells and growth factors that promote the healing of wounds and scrapes.


S-HOCl is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-hazardous in long time uses.

Ease of use

S-HOCl have more than 99.99% of efficacy against bacteria’s (including AMR), viruses and fungi.


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